Hearing your best “Today”!

Each day is a new beginning….  A new opportunity for you to hear the sounds of life.  Don’t wait another day.  Call (800) 373 – 4171 and have your hearing tested today to begin your journey to better hearing.  Make a fresh start with the Doctors of Audiology at FresHearing located in Pembroke Pines. We are …

Hearing loss and Memory Loss

Hearing loss and Memory loss can be a difficult challenge for seniors, family members and caretakers. Where do you begin?  Begin your search for solutions with a complete audiological evaluation and communication assessment by a Doctor of Audiology.  Your hearing healthcare professional can help you begin to navigate how hearing loss may have an effect on …

Hearing aids and Seniors

Silence is golden.  We live in a noisy world and are often over stimulated by every kind of noise. We should all treat ourselves with a healing peace and quiet during the day and at night while we sleep.  However, if you are having difficulty hearing you may not be getting the appropriate level of sound …

Five FresHearing Factors

Know what’s good about your hearing Know your hearing health options Know your hearing health rights Know that better hearing keeps you active and connected Know that better hearing means better communication with others  


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